Songbird: ‘A Doll House’ rap

I’ve been slacking on my blogging, so here’s a cheat (since I wrote it for something else). For my English class I had to create a project based on A Doll House  by Henrik Ibsen. We were given free range to be creative, and as I was writing a poem I had the idea to write a satirical rap from the rather one-sided view that Torvald possesses. Enjoy.


I’d like to dedicate this to my baby boo
My precious little squirrel, yes Nora, that’s you.
You’re my odd little one, but you hold it down
My sweet little lark don’t mess around.
She thinks she’s slick with her macaroons
Baby girl, I’ll let it slide just once for you.

‘Cause the way you move them hips, the sexy way you dip
Let’s exchange those sweets with a treat for two.
This is grown folks business, you know what I mean
No kids, no bank, no Rose-Marie.
‘Cause when you’re in my study we lock the doors
Renewed nuptials on the hard wood floors.

Not just a baby momma, Maury you’ll see
Go ahead and object, it doesn’t faze me.
Never mind her sweet tooth and spending habits
You have to love her just like a pet rabbit.
Always there, looking so fine
The best trophy wife a man could find.


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