#YouOkSis – SummerUp Festival

Do you know what these are? The result of Summer Up Festival leaving 1,000 lifesize Nicki cutups on the stairs of a Finnish Cathedral.image image image image image image image

What does that mean? That means that you can now “own” a Nicki by “stealing her.” And then taking photos with her and posting it under the hashtag #MyNicki on Instagram.  Do you know what that’s called? When something can be bought/sold/traded/stolen like a product? Commodification. Her Black body, her “assests” are not just a commodity online, but are manifest through 1,000  cardboard copies. Using Nicki Minaj as a prop is also called symbolic violence.

Did you know that at one point in U.S. history you could own your own Black woman? They were called slaves. At another point you could see “real live Africans” in zoos. Over in Europe you could view the labia and “large buttocks” of Saartjie Baartman after she passed away. And in 2015 a white officer can grab a Black 15-year-old by her hair and sit on her [in her bathing suit] in #McKinney, Texas.

This is the plight of the Black womxn in the U.S. and I will not be silent about it.


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