i write a lot because i feel a lot

November 4th, 2015
other cities
other countries
other incidents
I’m tired, y’all. I write a lot because I feel a lot. I write a lot to connect a lot; to remember that this shitty shitty shitty world of ours occurs on beautiful land, inhabited by some beautiful people, doing beautiful things to combat all that is shittiness.
Please go out and do beautiful things. Celebrate each other while we’re living. Spread love.
I‘m tired of living in a world where I have to second guess
  1. not using my turning signal
  2. going to my college campus
  3. going to movie theatres
  4. wearing a hoodie
  5. carrying skittles and an iced tea
  6. riding BART
  7. any interaction with the cops
  8. walking anywhere while Black
  9. doing anything while Black and queer
  10.  fill in the motherfucking blank.

If you see that a friend’s mental health is deteriorating, reach out to them. If you have a hateful friend, call them on their -isms and -phobias. If you see something fucked up happening, assess the situation and figure out what you can do to help. If you see the cops getting rowdy with someone, pull out your phone and record them (it is perfectly legal to do this). We really don’t even have to like each, I’m just sick of crying. I’m sick of being angry. I’m sick of people not standing up for other people. And I’m not exempt from any of this. Let’s all do better, y’all.



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