Poetry – 1R at 7:10

1R at 7:10

Brown skin, blonde hair

what is that about?
if I asked you
you might just say
     ‘I have no doubt
     that I’m ahead of the game
     I don’t wanna hear no complaints
     this is just what I’m about
     not white supremacy but brown free thought’
but homegirl
that Taylor swift blank space
tells me where you’ll write your name
so tell me when it’s over
if the high is worth the pain
because you can dye your hair whatever color
we’ll tell you you’re insane
because no matter what
these people
wanna know your name
This was a freewrite I wrote on the bus about two weeks ago about a fellow passenger. No shade to any of my sisters of color who dye their hair, but this was how I was feeling when I looked at the straw-yellow locks and hearing the sound of Blank Space drip out of her earbuds in an era where despite our choices [respectability politics], black and brown bodies are target practice.

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